Twilight Storytellers: Short Movie Reviews Series - Part 5 "Masque"

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to review "Masque," one of the many short films that are a part of the Twilight Storytellers competition. Don't forget to go out and vote once you've watched all the videos. These creators need your support! But enough about that. Let's get onto the review!

"Masque" is a short film directed by Cate Carson. It delves into Esme's life as a newborn vampire and the struggles that she faces, from blood-lust to her human past.

The opening is quite unexpected. It definitely sets a dramatic tone for the rest of the film. The woman who is playing Esme is so striking. Her voice alone is so unexpected, but it matches the feel of the film. I find it strange seeing another Carlisle after seeing someone else play him in "Turncoats." Maybe it's because I saw the films close enough to each other where I'm comparing the two. The Carlisle from "Turncoats" is more business mixed with humor while this Carlisle is more the loving father I've come to expect. Not saying that there is a particular one that is better than the other, just different.  This Carlisle is also "a bit goofy" Carlisle, which I find charming. I feel like Esme stole Katherine's mask from the Vampire Diaries, and I'm totally OK with that. Also, Esme shoes need to be a thing. I don't care who gets it started, but everyone needs to be wearing shoes like Esme. The one guy who has the mask with the rather large nose has some compensation problems. Correction: he's a jerk, and so are his friends. There's always at least one at a party, I guess. This is a really interesting fight scene. I'm not sure about all the slow motion effects, but I appreciate the integration of Esme the victim vs Esme the fighter. Did no one else see that fight? They were pretty calm about it. It was a pretty cute ending despite all the drama that preceded it. I think I would prefer to go a bit darker. Maybe they could be on the run or have to move to a new place. Just something to think about. But again, another well-done Twilight Story.

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