Saturday, November 16, 2013

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare: Book Review!

I'm back with another review. This time, it's finally not a school book. To be fair, my school books take up the majority of my time, so I had to read this in pieces when I can normally just go through it. Because of that, I might forget a couple of things that I actually want to talk about. Never mind all of that. I'll just get straight to the book. Don't worry. Once again, this will be a spoiler free review.

I am so biased because I love Cassandra Clare's writing style and the way that she is able to twist everything, but I will say it anyway. I really love this book. I think I'm finally getting over the fact that this is historical fiction, maybe even coming to enjoy the genre. Now, my fiction writing professor always talks about having a set of rules for your world your story is in and then break them. Cassandra Clare does that. She has her rules of Shadowhunters and Demons and then flips them on their heads, like Will and his demon - problems. I thought that part was great. It has angst, but relief, and then angst again.

By far my favorite part of the book was a scene close to the end. I won't say what actually goes on but it happens between Charlotte and Henry. They may now be my new favorite couple in this book. I was crying and happy and freaking out all at once. If was just so well done, and this was one moment I didn't see coming. It was just really, really well done.

Lastly I'm going to talk about the very last scene of the book. Cassandra Clare loves to do this. She adds one scene at the end that makes us what to scream in frustration. You know what I'm talking about: the cliffhanger. Clare turns it into a "I've got bigger news than you" contest. First its Tess and Jem. Then its Henry and Charlotte. Then someone bursts in during dinner and takes the cake. Not literally, of course. I don't think they had cake, but this person sets the tone for the next book. I have some ideas of what might happen, but I guess you'll have to wait until my next review to find out.

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter: Book Review (School Edition)!

Be forewarned, I have seen the movie before reading this book, and I'm ashamed of that. I hate doing things in that order, but when I was little, my mother and I had an obsession with Hayley Mills. We watched all of her movies, but Pollyanna and That Darn Cat were probably our favorites. But that is neither here nor there. Also, when I read this, I was feeling overly sentimental over everything. So this children's book became a real tear-jerk-er for me. Now, Let's get to the actual review!

This book was published in 1913, and during this time novels had certain archetypes for children. In the case of Pollyanna, the character Pollyanna would definitely be considered the angelic child. It's exactly what it sounds like. She is a good girl who only sees the good in people, and even when she does something bad, it ends up being a positive situation for all of those involved. Now, that may seem like a one-note book, but I actually really enjoyed reading it.

This book was really popular when it was first published. It was so popular in fact that "Glad Game" clubs began popping up all over the country, one of which is still in practice today. The "Glad Game" is a major part of the book. It's how Pollyanna finds joy even when no one else possibly could. It made me feel like, I could do that too! It made me happy, and when this was published, a little happiness could make the world of difference.

As you know, I will not be spoiling the book. I don't play that game, but the ending will break your heart and mend it back together. The book is a lot like those faith in humanity meme's that pop up on tumblr every once in a while. With that in mind, I give this four and a half pairs of crutches out of five (so, really nine out of ten crutches). This book is an easy and lovely read. No Spark Notes required!

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Madness and an Apology

So things have been a little crazy, and by a little I mean I lost a whole month to craziness, which is why I haven't been able to talk to y'all. First off, there was the week before midterms where I set aside time away from my blog to focus on midterm stuff: papers, tests, complete and utter nonsense, whatever the case may be. Then there was midterm week in which I literally did not sleep a wink. I was up more than I was down. For most of the time, I had no idea if I was coming or going. So then the next week I was trying to recuperate and had to deal with roommate shenanigans. Stealing stuff, coming in through the window at two in the morning, and shouting in the middle of the night. That kind of stuff. The week after that I got a ridiculous stomach virus that I lovingly call "the death bug." I even tried to go to school that day, and my professor was like, "No. Just no." Once I recuperated, I got volunteered for helping with my church's fall festival. Thanks, ma. That was my month. I'm really sorry that I haven't had the time to post anything. I feel really bad about it, and I really miss y'all. Hopefully, I'll be going at it full speed this month with new posts, new ideas, and some stuff that some of y'all might actually like. If y'all want, you can follow this blog by either adding me to your circles with you Google+ account by clicking the button off to the right. You can subscribe to my blog by adding your email to the "Subscribe" box below. Lastly, you can get up-to-date stuff about this blog and my life in general by following me on twitter @KK_Donna_Blog. I hope to see all of you real soon! See y'all next post!
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