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Updates: What's Been Happening!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to do a quick update! Things have been picking up again. I've been pulling weird shifts that have me up at odd hours, but I've been trying to pick up extra naps here and there. I've just been recommended a book that I really want to share with y'all, so be on the look out for a special post later this month.

I'm still trying my best to keep up with Shadowhunters, despite its flaws. I have watched the latest episode and have taken notes, but it may be a hot minute before I can write a review because, that's right, I'll be working the entire weekend.

On a more positive note, I did make some time to go see How to Be Single, which turned out to be a pretty good movie. I went with my roommate, and I have to say that its a good girlfriend movie. You know, the type of movie you bring all of your friends that happen to be female to. I might even see it again with my mama. We'll see.

I'm starting my observatio…

Shadowhunters Episode 5: "Moo Shu to Go" - Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to review the fifth episode of Shadowhunters, "Moo Shu to Go." While trying to scope out some clues on her mother's hidden past, Clary and Simon get kidnapped for the illusive Mortal Cup. No thanks to Alec. Meanwhile, Jace and Isabelle try to discover what happened to the Seelie scouts after Maryse Lightwood, mother to Alec and Isabelle, shows up unannounced to the Institute. Now, we are getting into spoiler territory, and if you haven't seen the episode yet, turn back now! Otherwise, let's get onto the review! 
So here's the episode were the werewolves finally make an appearance. No hiding behind dumpsters and coming out bloody for no apparent reason. Just full-on werewolf action. We learn that there is a pack in Brooklyn, and, guess what, they want the Mortal Cup just like everyone else. That part doesn't really bother me considering we've now established that the Cup is basically a McGuffin for the s…

Shadowhunters Episode 4: "Raising Hell" - Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to review the fourth episode of Shadowhunters, "Raising Hell." Just in case you weren't aware, this review is going to be heavy with spoilers, and if you rather not know what happens, don't read this review! With that in mind, let's get started!

In this episode, we get a better introduction for Magnus Bane, the High Warlock of Brooklyn who stole Clary's memories and feed them to a memory demon. He's a very flamboyant, confident, but caring character. He tries to congregate all of the warlocks to a safe house in order to protect them, which says a great deal about his character. But sometimes, he takes it a bit too far.

The part where Clary "saves" a warlock child because it's the right thing and not out of a sense of duty is probably one of the most ridiculous conversations. Like, we saw everything that just happened! We can figure some of the emotions behind the scenes, if you give us an oppo…

Update - Feeling Like an Adult

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to give an update. Things have been a bit crazy this past month. Maybe it's just my own emotional turmoil holding me back. Maybe I just feel like not growing up quite just yet. Either way, it's thrown my mind into a tailspin that I have yet to come completely out of. I feel... I don't know how I feel. Confused, probably. I can't articulate anything anymore, which is really unpleasant.

I don't even know why I'm putting this out here. I just want to yell and whisper and curl up into a ball and everything just feels wrong. Ugh, I'm started to sound ridiculous. I just wanted to say that I'm going to get back on schedule. It's good for me and for the readers who are hanging in there for me.

I've gotten some help from friends and family and a wonderful community that is willing to piece me back together. I hope to be on a better page with y'all soon.

That's it for this post! Comment down below w…

Shadowhunters Episode 3: "Dead Man's Party" - Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to review the third episode of Shadowhunters, "Dead Man's Party." Yes, this review is extremely late, and I'm hoping to tell y'all why in a later post, but I felt that I should review this episode before the next one tomorrow. This review is not going to be spoiler-free, and you don't want to know what's happened, don't read! With that in mind, let's get this review started!
So the last episode ended with Simon's kidnapping perpetrated by a couple of vampires while Clary was discovering some of the truth about her past. "Dead Man's Party" continues with the gang coming up with a plan to get Simon back without anyone finding out.
Let me just say this, none of the conversations are getting better. No matter who is talking, everything just feels forced, awkward, and not natural. There's a whole subplot with Jace and Alec having an argument, and there wasn't a minute where I be…