Shadowhunters Episode 3: "Dead Man's Party" - Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to review the third episode of Shadowhunters, "Dead Man's Party." Yes, this review is extremely late, and I'm hoping to tell y'all why in a later post, but I felt that I should review this episode before the next one tomorrow. This review is not going to be spoiler-free, and you don't want to know what's happened, don't read! With that in mind, let's get this review started!

So the last episode ended with Simon's kidnapping perpetrated by a couple of vampires while Clary was discovering some of the truth about her past. "Dead Man's Party" continues with the gang coming up with a plan to get Simon back without anyone finding out.

Let me just say this, none of the conversations are getting better. No matter who is talking, everything just feels forced, awkward, and not natural. There's a whole subplot with Jace and Alec having an argument, and there wasn't a minute where I believed it. And some of the lines are just so weird or cliche that it comes across as them not trying.

Speaking of cliches, the scene where Jace is showing Clary how to use a seraph blade just comes across as tacky, not sensual or whatever it was trying to be. All of the fighting lessons he could have taught her before hitting up the lair of a vampire coven and he chooses to show her how to swing it back and forth. The logic behind it doesn't make any sense, which brings me to my next point. 

I don't understand why Jace and Clary went to a vampire bar to get a motorcycle that is not even used after they get it. They got themselves into trouble for no other apparent reason than to get a motorcycle that we never see again! There's not even a real sense of urgency to get to Simon. I could see them getting the bike to get to Simon quicker, but it doesn't see like they're in any hurry to help Simon. But I digress. 

Another aspect that didn't make any sense was Camille barking orders over the telephone. Where does the call connect? Does it even connect? Is there someone by the phone or did someone in SFX forget to put in a telephone ring? Or does the phone connect to a speaker system? Whatever it may be, it was definitely not explained. 

I did like the new vampire characters. Despite a few weird lines and awkward actions, we've got some new interesting characters with different motives and loyalties. In the movie, they were more mindless and a boogie man in the night, but in the show they are real characters, which gives me some kind of hope for upcoming episodes. 

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