Twilight's 10th Anniversary Edition with a Twist! - News!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to report some exciting news! In case you haven't heard, Twilight by Stephenie Meyer turns ten this year, and with it comes a 10th Anniversary Edition of our beloved (though heavily bashed) book. However, that isn't the exciting part. The exciting part comes with a whole different side to the story. Included with the original Twilight story, the 10th
Anniversary Edition comes with Life and Death, which is a genderbent Twilight. Let's talk about it. Shall, we?

If you don't know what gender-bending is, basically it's switching the genders of the characters. You see it sometimes on tumblr with pictures of Disney princesses as the prince and vice versa. What it means for Twilight is that Bella becomes Beufort and Edward becomes Edythe. Yes, those are the new names, and yes, I did laugh for a good while before settling down. I also learned that many of the other characters will also be gender-swapped with the exception of a few minor characters.

But gender swapping the characters brings up a slew of possibilities, and I think the success of the story depends on how much Meyer played and toyed around with it. I mean, we've all heard a lot about Twilight and its depiction of women, and maybe this story will give us a new perspective about the women in the story. Meyer says she wants to prove that the original story was about "a human in distress" rather than "a damsel in distress." I guess we'll see about that won't we?

The truth is that I can't wait to read this new-ish story. And I'll be sure to tell all of you lovelies when I get through with it.

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