Shadowhunters TV - Teaser Trailer Reaction!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to react to the new teaser trailer for the new tv show Shadowhunters! It just dropped at NYCC (that's New York City Comic Con, if you're not in the know), and people are freaking out (as they should)! I haven't seen it yet. So, all the comments that you see down below is my first reaction and thoughts about the video. I'm sure we won't get a lot considering its a "teaser" trailer, but it's still the first video that we've seen that had the actual characters in it. But enough about that. Let's get onto the reaction!

If you haven't seen one of my reaction posts before, let me break it down for you. I am going to post all of my comments under the video as they pop into my head. That way you'll be able to follow along with my randomness.

I'll admit it. The first couple of scenes (the candle part) did give me the giggles.

Magnus is a bawler. Like a legit bawler. He's got his own club music. The key is a bit corny in my opinion.

These effects look really strange to me. I'm guessing their just making the promo more dramatic, which is why the effects look a bit disconnected.

They put the runes everywhere! I kinda like it!

The legit did a close-up shot of Izzy's butt. I feel like its a bit sexist, but if a guy takes off his shirt, I'll consider it equal opportunity.

I did a little internal squeal at the "No Vacancy" sign. Ermygherd!

Okay, I did get some chills by the destiny part, and I'll say that I'm pretty excited. I'll probably watch this about thirty more times, but who's counting?

Also, the music is on point! Totally want it for my iPod.

Also, no shirtless hunks. I'm disappointed.

It looks like we're in for some serious fun... Next year... When this comes out.... Why?!?!?!

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