Top Five Wanted Items from The Hunger Games: The Exhibition - List!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to do another list! So, you may have heard of The Hunger Games: The Exhibition. If you haven't, it's basically a mini-museum of props and costumes used in The Hunger Games movies in an interactive setting. There's been a lot of pictures of people at the exhibition in New York City, and I will admit that I'm super jealous. However, I just found out that there is an online website for the exhibition with really cool stuff. They can have all of my money, but I don't actually have any. Because of that, I'm making a list of the top five items that I want from the website. So, let's get onto the list!

First things first. I totally want the Official Exhibition Guide: The Hunger Games The Exhibition. It's a guide to the exhibition, which would be great for cosplayers like me! It's a good starting point to get closer detail of the costumes and props used on set. Plus, it's $20, which is pretty good for a high quality, glossy picture book. You can find it here.

Up next was something that I didn't expect them to have. It's Effie's District 13 Bandanna. It looks just like the one that she uses in the movie, and having something that is screen accurate in fine detail for the masses is unheard of. But now I can have one for $20, when I actually get $20. You can find it here.

So this next item is not technically screen accurate, but I don't even care because it is just too adorable. It's Buttercup, a stuffed plushy cat that is much cuter as a stuffed animal than an actual animal in the movie. It's a little pricier at $25, but I find it totally worth it. It can sit next to the pygmy puff that I will eventually own. You can find Buttercup here.

The next one on my list is a bit more practical. Since I'm trying to drink as much water as I can, I am putting the Panem Districts H2Go Bottle on my list. First, I love all of the little decals of all of the districts. The pattern is interesting without being too repetitive. I also love the pun in the name of the bottle. I always give points for puns. It will also set you back $20, and you can find it here.

Last but not least is one of the more creative items from the store. It's also part of the Peeta's Bakery Collection. That's right. It's the Peeta's Bakery Apron, and I love it! It's actually the first item that I found from the website. It's also the priciest item at $30, but I would totally use it everyday. Probably. After I took some cooking selfies with it. You can find it here.

That's all for this post! I hope you enjoyed this list! Comment down below with fandom shops that you love. Subscribe to the blog by adding your email address to the Subscribe Box down below or off to the right. Add me to your circles by clicking the Google+ Button on you right. Follow me on twitter @KK_Donna_Blog for up to date information on the blog and ridiculousness about my life. Follow the tumblr dedicated to the blog which you can find at this link. Read on, lovelies! I'll see y'all next post!

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