Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer Reaction!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to do another trailer reaction! This one is the official trailer for Mockingjay Part 2. It's called "For Prim." Check it out down below, and see what I think about it! Let's get on to the reaction!

It's interesting to see another trailer featuring footage from earlier movies. I like this one a little better because it feel more like a propaganda film than a recap of earlier videos. That's probably the only time I'm going to like propaganda.

I'll admit it. I've got the volume turned up so loud that the music scared me a little. Sue me.

I like how they are focusing on the relationship between the sisters. For once its not about the love triangle. 

This cannot count as a trailer! I just finished watching the entire video, and while it did hit me hard in the feels, we only got to see one scene (which we've seen before) from the last film! I'm both angry and sad! I will say that I feel that this trailer was better edited than the Allegiant trailer, but let's cut it some slack since it is just a teaser trailer.

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