City of Bones Merchandise Nyx Parallel Words Makeup Collection: Cosplay Review

Hello, everyone! Today is going to be a review of Parallel Worlds Makeup Collection by Nyx inspired by The Mortal Instruments City of Bones. I've had this for a while and have been wanting to do a review for it, but it turns out that I am horrible at taking makeup photos. Seriously, to all the beauty gurus out there that do your own make up, take pictures, and do tutorials, you are doing an amazingly difficult job. So, keep that in mind when you are viewing the pictures down below (seriously, I tried my best). Now the makeup collection comes with a smokey eye shadow palette, a matte lip creme, a black mascara, black liquid liner, a powder blush, a jumbo eye pencil, and a two-look look book. I'll start with the palette. I was very surprised with the color payout. It's not as vibrant as a MAC eye shadow, but it's definitely workable in an everyday routine. The matte lip creme is a bit... weird. I put it on an it just looked and felt artificial. It did come out matte, which surprised me, but it's not something that I would use everyday. I liked the mascara and blush, but there wasn't anything that really impressed me about them. It's nice to have them in a makeup kit, though. The liquid eyeliner has a brush that is really tiny, and it makes it a bit difficult to put product on. I actually prefer this though because I'm absolutely horrible with liquid eyeliner, and this makes it easier for me to not make mistakes. My favorite thing about this kit has to be the jumbo eye pencil. I've been in love with Nyx's jumbo eye pencils for almost half a decade, and I'm so glad that they decided to pit it in the kit. I also like the color they chose. Gold is a good neutral to put in everyday looks. The look book is a bit non-cannon. They have a daytime look for Clary, which looks nothing like what they used in the movie. I'll give them a little leeway considering that had to do a daytime look with a really dark shadow palette. The night look is also the "Isabel-inspired look." The fangirl in me nearly died when I noticed they misspelled her name; however it is a very nice night look. I don't know how Izzy's makeup looks in scenes like the nightclub scene, so I can't say for sure if it's true to the movie. On their own, I really like the looks. I wear Clary's look quite often since I would rather be blogging than clubbing, but I like the night look too. Let's talk about price. The kit sells for $24.99 and when bought separately the items total up to $33.94; you are getting a deal. In my case, I got mine a littler cheaper because someone decided to take all of the cute little knobs off the top and stole them from Ulta, and they gave me a discount for my trouble.  I would recommend getting this kit if you're a superfan of The Mortal Instruments or really love Nyx makeup for a good price. I may or may not use this for my cosplay that's coming up, but it's still good for everyday use. Now for pictures!

Swatches of the Smokey Palette with Flash

Swatches of Palette without Flash

All Makeup from Makeup Collection

Swatches of Blush, Liner, Lip Creme, and Jumbo Eye Pencil

Look Book

Bag in the Box

Actual Box

Side of Actual Box

Top of Cute Box where Jewel Knob Should Be :(
So, I tried to take some pictures of both of the looks, but they are horrible. They look very good in real life. I hope that you all try it out and find the same results I did. That's it for now. I hope to wake up at a decent time tomorrow and start on a new book to review. Since I just finished up City of Bones, I'll probably be doing City of Ashes unless all of you say otherwise in the comments below. See you next time!

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