City of Bones Hot Topic Merchandise Isabelle Lightwood's Serpent Cuff and Ruby Necklace: Cosplay Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm finally going to do the review for my two Izzy cosplay pieces from Hot Topic. I got the serpent cuff and ruby necklace. Now, first off I have to describe how they are in the book. According to the Shadow Hunter's Wiki, Izzy's bracelet/whip is described as being silvery gold (although I've went through the City of Bones and only saw it depicted as gold), and a glamour is used to make it seem like a bracelet while not being used as a whip. (You can read the full description here.) Her necklace is described as "a thick silver chain, on which hung a dark red pendant the size of a baby's fist." (City of Bones) As you can see from the Hot Topic stock photos, the cuff is clearly silver, and while gem is bright red in the picture, it is noticeably darker in real life. Now, here are a couple of pictures that were taken during the Book Expo of America of props that were used in the movie.

And here is a picture of Izzy wearing the bracelet on set.

Now, as for the accuracy to the movie, they are pretty spot on. The pendent from the movie looks a bit larger than the one Hot Topic has, but I think that the smaller size is better for everyday use. Hot Topic's cuff looks a bit thicker, and the waves are more more horizontal than the diagonal waves on the movie prop. Also, the snake head on the movie prop is thinner, and the scales go further down the head while the scales stop before reaching the snake's eyes on the Hot Topic version. Quality wise, both are surprisingly good. The chain for the necklace seems a bit wimpy, but the pendent is durable and intricate. The cuff is also durable in that it doesn't want to bend to make it fit tighter or looser on your arm. It takes an ample amount of pressure before it feels like it's bending, and I personally don't want to put enough pressure on it to break it. It fits a bit weird on my arm, and I have had to get used to the feeling of it being there. That may just be because my arm is ridiculously tiny, so I have to push it up further on my arm than Izzy does on her arm. I do suggest getting both of these, but I recommend trying the bracelet on at your local Hot Topic. I'll add some pictures of the two that I have down below. I hope this helps, and I hope you have enjoyed this review! I'll see you next time!

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