City of Bones by Cassandra Clare: Book Review

Finally! The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones review is here! I'm so glad to be doing this. First off: a disclaimer. I am a super fan of this series. So, I may be a little biased. Now, let me just say that this book is pretty darn amazing. You have love, war, and betrayal, and things are just getting started. There are several reasons to why this book is awesome. Firstly, the main character, Clary, is your typical fifteen-year-old thrust upon a supernatural world filled with demons and the Shadowhunters that fight them. She doesn't just wait for things to happen around her; she takes action, which is a breath of fresh air if you're an avid reader of Young Adult fiction. Secondly, her love interest Jace isn't what a lot of readers are use to. He's arrogant, condescending, and a bit of jerk all wrapped up in a delicious package of tall, blonde, and sexy, and he knows it. He laughs in the face of danger (literally), and he is so intrigued by new-girl Clary. Then there's Simon, Izzy, Alex, Magnus, and a whole slew of characters that you can't help but become invested in, and a twist ending that will blow your mind. It's a pretty easy read once you get all of the names straight, and I had a blast re-reading it for the review. Now, the only downside I've found is that you will want to spend all of your money buying the next few books. I give this five out of five Mortal Cups.

That's it for now! Up next is another cosplay review. This time, it will be Isabelle's jewelry from Hot Topic. I'll also be showing the accuracy between the jewelry on sale, the jewelry in the book, and the jewelry from the movie. I'll catch you later! See you next time!

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