City of Bones Merchandise: Clary and Simon's T-Shirts by Brooklyn Industries AND COUPON!

Hello, everyone! So, I'm not here with a review of any kind, but I do have a discount if you really love The Mortal Instruments and want to cosplay as Clary or Simon. At Brooklyn Industries (click to go to website), you can get Clary's and Simon's t-shirts that were worn in the upcoming movie City of Bones. And some lovely people from The Mortal Minute (click for awesome sauce) got us this coupon for five dollars off of each shirt! I ordered from the website earlier today, and the website was a little glitchy; however, after a quick call to the store they fixed it right up and are sending Clary's shirt straight to me. Also, you have to add the code while still in your shopping cart. I got panicky when I got to the end and didn't see a place to put the code. I will probably do a review on the t-shirt and let you all know how I feel about it. Also, feel free to subscribe to my blog for more book and cosplay reviews. I promise that there will be more than just The Mortal Instruments. But the movie comes out in less than a month, and I'm way too excited for the movie. With that in mind, I'm almost done with my re-reading of the City of Ashes book, and I'm sure that City of Glass will follow it. That's it for now. Please subscribe to get more of my crazy adventures as a reader, cosplayer, and wannabe author. Clickity-clack those links to get even more Mortal Instruments awesomeness, and I will see you all next time!

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