City of Bones Hot Topic Merchandise Morgenstern Family Ring: Cosplay Review!

Alright, shadowhunters! I'm really excited! After many phone calls about my pre-order of City of Bones Merchandise and a cancellation, Hot Topic sent one of my items: the Morgenstern Family Ring! The picture above is the stock photo of the item from the Hot Topic website. Last night, the FedEx man cam with a package, and I would have never had guessed it was for me! Inside the package was a small plastic box decorated with runes and the dual city landscape fans have come to know through the movie posters that have been plastered just about everywhere. On the back of the box, it shows a grainy shadowy picture of what I could only guess is Jace's fist wearing the Morgenstern Ring. From the picture, you can tell that the item inside closely resembles the one actually worn in the movie. Now let's talk about the actual ring. The ring itself is quite large, which makes sense considering it is supposed to be a man's ring. The website says that it is a size 7, but it feels like at least a 9 to me. Now, I don't know how men's sizes work, but ladies, it is quite large. It has an antique look with a metal feel, which makes sense because it was made in China. I'm actually quite surprise how durable it is. I've squeezed it in my hand, and it doesn't bend or mold accordingly and seems quite sturdy; however, the necklace that Hot Topic gives you seems like it will break if the wind blows too hard. Despite customer service, I really do like this ring and would recommend it to my fellow shadowhunters. You need to hurry if you want your own, though because according to the Hot Topic website, they are "almost gone." Also, for a short time, Hot Topic is having a sale online for jewelry including The Mortal Instruments merchandise. Buy one piece of jewelry and get the second half off. Other Mortal Instruments jewelry include the Parabatai necklaces, Isabelle's serpent cuff, angelic rune necklace and ear studs, Jace's rune necklace, and Isabelle's ruby necklace. Now a lot of these items are "almost gone" so visit a store or buy them online if you know for sure you will want them.

Click this link to see Hot Topics Mortal Instruments merchandise.

So there you go! Hope you found this review helpful and the photos not terribly crappy. I have a few more pieces coming soon, and I'll review those too. See you next time! 

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