Disney Diary Day 6 - Update!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to continue with our final day at Disney World, Day 6! Let's get started!

Today, we were heading to Magic Kingdom! So we started our day a little late, which is fine because our fast passes didn't start until 5:30. But we left the resort around 3:30 because we wanted to get some food that caught our eye the other day. 

So our first stop was the ice cream parlor. I got a double scoop of chocolate and mint chocolate chip ice cream. It was quite delicious!

Then we decided that we had time before our first fast pass, so we when and got pretzels. They were pretty good, but I wish that they had a bit more salt. Maybe it's my American palette talking, but what can I say.

After that we went to our first fast pass which was for the Dwarf Mining Rollar Coaster. There was a sixty minute wait, and we managed to get inside in about ten minutes. I love fast passes!

After we hopped off the ride, we enjoyed the day time dance show that Disney holds in front of the castle. We stayed just long enough for Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy popped out of the parade floats. 

Then it was time for dinner, and, you guessed it, we went to Casey's Corner. I got a plain hot dog this go around, and it was worth it! 

Then it was time to rush to Space Mountain where we had fast passes. We had to do it quickly though because we wanted to be back before the parade and fireworks. 

We got some pretty good seats for the parade, but nothing to write home about. However, enjoy all the photos that I took. 

Then we went to the section where you can watch the fireworks if you have fast passes for them, which we did. We saw the light show on the castle there first, which went pretty well, except people started standing up for no reason. 

Once the shows were over, we did a little more shopping. We wanted to make sure that we got presents for loved ones back home, but soon after, we went back to the resort.

We freshened up and decided to go back to Downtown Disney. I know it sounds like we went to Downtown Disney quite a bit, but it's so easy to get to from our resort! We did a little shopping as well as got some more food truck food! This time I went with a corn dog, and while the taste was delicious, I found it to be a little over-fried. 

And that's how we ended our Disney World vacation. The next day we got up, packed our car, and made the long trek back home. It's going to feel weird waking up and going to work instead of a theme park, but part of me will be glad to be home. I'll see you next time! Perhaps with some tips for your next Disney trip? We'll see!

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