Disney Diary Day 4 - Update!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to continue with my Disney Diary, Day 4!  Let's get started!

Today began with getting ready for Epcot! We went with our tiaras and expecting some warmer weather. We managed to get on a shuttle around 11:40, and we were on our way!

Our first stop was breakfast, and we decided to get some pastries that we found in Norway yesterday. My friend and I got some berry and cream filled puffs. The filling was great but the bread left something to be desired.

Up next we had fast passes for the Test Track. We only had to wait in line for ten minutes, which was great. And my car won three of the for tests! P. S. Did not win on efficiency.

Went went to Club Cool, which is where you can try all of the different types of sodas from around the world. My favorite was the kiwi melon flavor from South Africa. 

We did a bit more browsing in The Art of Disney, which is so beautiful. They have a lot of great Alice stuff, and a part of me just wants to buy the whole store.

We had fast passes, that we really didn't need, for Spaceship Earth. I like the part were it shows you the earth and all of the stars in the tunnels and such. It just looks magical.

After that, I went and got my dad's present, which I'm hoping he'll find useful as well as magical. It involves one of his favorite brands. So here's to hoping he likes it!

We made a quick pit stop in Mexico where we got empanadas and nachos. I managed to take a quick picture halfway through eating them. I so hungry that I nearly forgot!

We had a extra free fast pass for the day, and we decided to go to Test Track for another go. This time I chose to be a little ironic with the design of my vehicle. I hope y'all like it.

After that we came back to the resort to freshen up. I looked like a princess that had a really hard night, so I did my hair and readjusted my tiara. I also took some time to read some more of Winter by Marissa Meyer. It's getting real intense, but I'm powering through it.

We finally decided to go to Magic Kingdom and take advantage of their magic hours. We spent some time shopping, and I found a present for my mom. I'm having it "shipped" to the room, but I guess I'll find out how well that part of it works tomorrow.

At that point we were starving, so we stopped by Casey's for some hot dogs. I got a chili cheese dog, but I can't say I would recommend it. It seems like I'll be sticking with my traditional hot dog when I go back. 

After walking around a bit, we stopped in the bakery and got some sweets. My friend got one of the cookies (so jealous) and I got some fudge that I'm saving for later.

We started eating our delicious snacks on the curb in front of the shop when we heard that they were getting ready for the Electric Parade. Since we had such good seats, we chose to stay and watch the parade. My hero, Alice, was featured and I have to say that I enjoyed it.

By this time it was really late, and a lot of the guests had either gone home or gotten in line for Space Mountain. So we hopped on and off of the Buzz Lightyear ride and then booked it to Thunder Mountain.

Once we finished those two rides, we were ready to call it a night, which will probably end with the Jacuzzi. But I'll see you guys tomorrow!

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