The World of Divergent: the Path to Allegiant by Veronica Roth: Book Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm back with another book review. This is a different type of spin-off of the Divergent Series. This book is The World of Divergent: the Path to Allegiant by Veronica Roth. Let's get on with the review!

So, as I said before, this is a different type of spin-off book. This book doesn't have a story, it is just a source of information about the dystopian world the Tris, Four, and the other Divergent Series characters live in. It comes with a note from Veronica Roth in which she talks about utopian/dystopian worlds, the factions, and the names of her characters. It also comes with a quiz that determines what your faction is, manifestos from all five of the factions, and quotes from Allegiant.

There is so much I want to say about this book, so I think I will go through it part by part. Now, usually I'm not one for author's notes, but I do like what Roth has to say about her books and the choices that she made for her books. Something that really spoke to me as an individual was her discussion on names. Names sort of define who we are and how we see ourselves. I knew from when I was little that I wouldn't go by my first name because my middle name felt more "me" in a way. So, when she explains why Tobias chose to go by "Four" instead of his given name, it made sense to me. Being able to read Roth's insights about not just her own works, but about utopian and dystopian worlds in general is something that I found both informative and entertaining.

The next part of the book is the quiz that determines which faction you would belong in if you were a part of Roth's dystopian society. I took it, and turns out I would be a part of Candor with Erudite being a close second, which surprised me. I got answers in all of the factions, so maybe I'm actually Divergent (but don't tell anyone). When you finish taking it, it shows all of the possible answers along with a little tidbit about your personality and how others may see you. I was really happy to see a quiz that surprised me and wasn't too obvious on what you would get if you choose a specific answer.

The faction manifestos section was probably my favorite part of the book. Each of them are completely different in the way that they think and the way that they are presented. Abnegation's manifesto is presented as a poem. It doesn't state specific acts that they must follow, but it is still able to express what this faction represents.

Amity's manifesto is presented a group of stories. Each story has a theme: trust, self-sufficiency, forgiveness, kindness, and involvement (although involvement was later removed from the manifesto). It gives example about how the Amity should act, which I thought was a clever way to do it. It reminded me of parables that I was taught in Sunday School.

The Candor faction manifesto lays it out honestly (see what I did there). They don't hide it from the reader. They have it in big bold letters of what dishonesty does to the society. What they say about children learning to face the honest truth makes a lot of sense, even though revealing your deepest darkest secrets does disturb me greatly.

Next is the Erudite manifesto, which states logically why knowledge is the solution to conflict. It states what is the problem (ignorance) and the solution (knowledge, though not to be confused with intelligence). Their manifesto also makes sense to me, which I guess is the point. It also scares me, especially when it comes to the elderly. I'll let you read that on your own.

Lastly there is the Dauntless manifesto. It almost looks like a written chant, which is so along the lines of the Dauntless mentality. It's a bold, brash, in-your-face type of manifesto that is very abrasive in a way but also emphatic in a way.

At the very end of the book is a series of quotes from Allegiant. All of them state who says the quote and has the background of the Allegiant book cover. They are really cool, and I like to try to figure out how the quotes fit into the next book.

The last thing that I'll mention about this book is that it is absolutely free for kindle on Amazon. If you don't have a kindle, you can get the kindle app on your smartphone or tablet, also for free. Something that I found this interesting for free just put me over the edge with liking this book.

This book does what it sets out to do, and the price is wonderful considering what you get. I have to give this book five out of five name tags!

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