The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald: Book Review (School Edition)!

Hello, everyone! I'm back with a much needed update. In this post, I will be reviewing The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. This is another one of my school books, except I read this book last semester. I just never had a chance to review it since exams began right after we finished the book. Now, I'm back on track, and let's get started with the review!

The Great Gatsby is the story of Nick Carraway and his experiences after he meets his new neighbor Gatsby. Gatsby is constantly throwing wild parties but doesn't actually partake in them. After befriending Gatsby, Nick finds out the reason behind Gatsby's actions, and Nick decides to help him. This book has nice cars, old flames, cheating spouses, and murder!

There are several things I like about this story. I love the mysterious Gatsby, and I may love him more after finding out his intentions. I also like the relationship he has with Nick. Gatsby throws Nick off his game, and Nick finds him fascinating. I also like how Fitzgerald has horrible characters, horrible as is horrible human beings rather than terribly written characters. Tom Buchanan is a horrible husband who just happens to concern himself with whether or not the white race will die out, and there's a mobster that has human teeth for cuff links. They are such a good foil to Daisy, Gatsby, and Nick. I found them to be a very interesting read.

There is a major problem I have with this novel. The Great Gatsby was part of the Modernist Movement in response to the Realist Movement. This means two things: one, it has a lot of symbolic imagery and two, it doesn't move in one continuous time line. Now, I'm all for imagery in books, especially when I can't tell something is meant to be symbolize something else. This novel did have some rather obvious symbols, but I had a bigger problem with the timeline. Sometimes, I felt like I was jumping around for no reason, and it forced me to reread a few sections because I couldn't quite understand what was going on.

With all of this in mind, I will give this three yellow cars out of five! While this book had some misgivings, it was still enjoyable, and the SparkNotes website won't be needed!

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