Insurgent by Veronica Roth: Book Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm back with another book review, and this one is all about Insurgent by Veronica Roth. After reading Divergent, I was really excited to get to the next one, and now I'm even more excited about the third book and the conclusion of the series.  But enough about that, let's get on to the review!

This book is very much a suspense-filled novel. The novel picks up where Divergent leaves off. Tris and her group are trying to figure out Erudite's next move. One thing leads to another ending with a full out war between the different factions and the factionless. There is hardly a moment where you can just set the book down and take a break because so many things are happening.

One thing that I loved about this novel is that we get a better picture of all of the other factions. Last time, we mainly saw Abnegation and Dauntless and a little bit of Erudite. In Insurgent, we see more of Amity and Candor and even more of Erudite. The way that each faction works is so interesting to me. When you first see a particular faction, you feel like that they are doing everything in good faith and that what they are doing is good. Then you see them do something that is so against everything you believe in, and then you remember that your reading a dystopian novel and cringe. For example, I thought Amity was a pretty cool faction until the book revealed how they decide to keep the peace. It's scary to think about how a group of people believe that this was a good idea and then execute it.

Another thing I found that I really loved about this novel is that you never know who to trust and who would end up surprising you. Some people have their moments, while others turn out to be the exact opposite of what you expect. Then there's the relationship between Four and Tris. They have a roller coaster of a relationship that could easily break the both of them. I find it to be compelling to read and can't wait to see what happens next with them.

There isn't much that I didn't really like about the novel.  The one thing I think that I miss from this book that I got from the first one is a moment of rest. In the first one, the tension wasn't as in-you-face as it was in this one. The first book escalated in almost a gentle slope up until the climax of the story. In this novel, everything escalates quite quickly. There are few moments when the characters could just be people, instead they are mostly warriors or soldiers. The few moments they did have really stood out though, which made me crave them more.

Overall, I will give this book four Erudite symbols out of five. It would have been higher, but I enjoyed Divergent more.

Now, I've said before that I've been spoiled for Allegiant by the likes of Tumblr. So, I do know one major aspect of the book that is unsettling, yet I still can't wait to read it. I've already read The Path to Allegiant, which is a free book on Amazon that delves into the world of Divergent with manifestos and a quiz the reader can take. That review will be up later today. 

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