Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare: Book Review!


Hello, everyone! I know everyone must think that I've checked out completely, but I'm back! I promise that I'm really trying to get posts out on a regular basis, but I just got back to college. So, things will be a little crazy for a little while. College is trying to kick my butt, and today I've had the worst headache. But it was y'all who helped me through it. All I've wanted to do was to get on here and talk to y'all about fun stuff and books and cosplay. So, thank you for making me feel better. Now, let's start with the much awaited book review for Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare!

So, I've said before that historical literature isn't my favorite thing. I pretty much detest the entire genre... or at least I thought I did. If anyone could change my mind, it would be Cassandra Clare, and she has done so. Don't get me wrong. There is still a few things that I don't appreciate, but I realize that they have to be in the book or it wouldn't fit the time period. For one, Tessa is all, "Women shouldn't fight.They don't have the strength for it. Blah blah blah." Okay, so maybe that wasn't an exact quote, but that's the gist of it. It just made me mad, but I get it. That was the mindset of the time, and I think Clare makes up for it with Charlotte, the woman who runs the institute and bosses her husband around. She's such a strong character, and she really breaks the mold for women of this era. Then there's Jessie who seems so tragic. I didn't really appreciate her until the dollhouse scene, and I couldn't stop my heart from breaking for her. Now, I just want her have the life she wants. If what she wants changes from now to Clockwork Princess, I'll be okay with that too.

The boys are also just freaking amazing. We have the appearance of Magnus Bane. I will love him in whatever book (or movie) he is in. He should just show up everywhere (like a boss). Will is an asshole, but an charming asshole. I could have shot him at the end, so he'll have to make it up to me in the next book. I do like how he's a secret bookworm (I AM A BOOK LION! [like if you know that reference]). I'm hoping he'll come to his senses soon about Tessa. Then There's Jem. Jem is always breaking my heart. His story was so tragic, and they better find away to make him well again or I'm going to be ticked. Of course, Clare made me fall in love with a few other characters... and then killed them! I finished this book, and went over to my mom with tears in my eyes asking, "Why did she make me love them if she was going to kill them anyway?" Needless to say, my mother now thinks I'm crazy (-er).

The one reason I think I really like this book is that there are so many parallels to the Mortal Instruments series. There's a girl who finds a hidden world she knows nothing about. Said girl finds out that she has secret powers. Herondale's are assholes. Love triangles. Enemy wants girl for something.  Magnus shows up to help save the day. Girl finds out her dad is not her dad. So on and so on.  I mean there is enough of a plot difference to where I can see these books as two different series. Also, I'm a little biased because I've only read the first book, but I really do like the beginning of this series. It's like steampunk meets shadowhunters meets holy crap twist ending! With all that in mind, I give this book four and a half clockwork angels out of five!

So, read this book if you haven't yet! Also, I'll be reading Clockwork Prince at my earliest convenience (which seems to be three months from now) so read that too! I'll also be starting a new series called Book Review: School Edition where I talk about the books college is forcing me to read. To give you an idea of what's up ahead, my classes include American Literature after the Civil War, Children Literature, and I'm supposed to read a book for my Spanish class. Some fun stuff. Some not so fun stuff. I've got a couple of cosplay reviews coming up including (really? you can't guess?) more Hot Topic City of Bones merchandise. They've seriously taken all of my money. Well, I guess that's it for now. I feel so much better after talking with y'all. So let's keep the conversation going. How did you feel about the book? Are you sick of Shadowhunters? Did you feminist bones quake with anger after reading this? Let me know! Write some comments down below. Get updates to your email by entering it down at the bottom. Look over to the right to follow me on Google+. Follow me on twitter for more updates for the blog and my everyday life @KK_Donna_Blog. I love y'all, and I'll see y'all next post!

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