News: Update on How to Contact Me and Stay Connected

Hello, everyone! It's been a few days, and I have been working on a couple of things. Depending on how bad my insomnia is tonight, I might have a couple of posts ready to send your way before the night is over. Now, in case you wanted to get regular updates from this blog or anything about my everyday life (it won't be much, my life is full of books) I've "connected" this blog to my Google+ account. You can add me to your circle and get regular updates for me there. I've also added a "Subscribe to Me" option where you can get updates via your email. I've done this for a few blogs and it's helpful if you're a regular viewer. Lastly, I've added a Twitter account where you can follow me and my life. My twitter name is @KK_Donna_Blog and come join the fun. I've tried to connect everything to each other, but it's questionable if it actually worked. I'll try to work out the bugs within the next couple of days, and I'll see you guys next post.

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