City of Bones Hot Topic Merchandise: Heat Revealing Runes Mug

[Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones: Mug: Heat Reveal Rune (Product Image)]

Hello, everyone! So today I received this mug that I ordered about a month ago from Hot Topic's official website. I was really curious as to how well this mug would work. By that, I mean how vibrant the runes would show up, how much hot water it would take to change the runes, and if it was a decent mug in general. Well let's talk facts. When I first opened my package, I noticed that the mug is quite small. It's a bit smaller than a Coke can and the circumferance is a bit bigger than a Coke can. Quite frankly, when you spend $14.50 for a mug, you expect a little more. Also, I immediately noticed that whatever they used to put the lettering for "the Mortal Instruments City of Bones," they left a thin clear film over it. Maybe they wanted the lettering to stay on longer, but it just cheapens this otherwise cool-looking mug. Now, let's get to the fun stuff. I immediately wanted to test the runes. I turned on super hot water from the faucet and placed it in the mug. Sadly that was taking a long time. So I ran the entire mug under hot water, and the runes took on an off-white color. At this point, I was really disappointed with my purchase. Now, there is nothing on the box or on the mug that states whether or not I can put this in a microwave. With that in mind, I definitely put the mug with water in it in the microwave for about a minute. Seriously, it came out so well. I have no idea how it works but the runes where bright white and looks exactly like the stock photo. While it's not as easy as the back of the box states ("add hot water to reveal runes"), it does actually work. Overall, I do like the novelty of this mug, but wouldn't recommend shelling out nearly fifteen bucks unless you really like the Mortal Instruments AND having hot tea or coffee on a regular basis. Hot Topic's website is fresh out of these mugs, but if you Google it, you can find other online retailers that sell it. They also may be in actual Hot Topic stores, but I haven't visit one in a while to confirm that. Now, I'm going to make me a hot cup of tea and maybe write up another blog post. See you next post!
Mug in a Box 
Top of the Box

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Mug Size 
Mug Size
Mug with Hot Water

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