Crazy Cosplaying: Adventures into Sewing

Hello, everyone! As of a couple of days ago, I've finished my first start-from-scratch sewing project. It's my first time using a sewing machine, having a set pattern, and putting everything together. This wasn't something that was done overnight or by myself. My lovely mother has been helping me throughout the entire process. From buying the pattern to wondering what the heck a bobbin is, my mother has been by my side. Thank, God! I would not know where to start if it weren't for her. We bought the pattern at Wal Mart, of all places. According to the package, it's supposed to be one of the easiest patterns for beginner sewers. It's a simple t-shirt design, and you can check out the pictures down below of the one I used. Next we went to an actual fabric store (by actual, I mean we didn't by the fabric at Wal Mart) because they were the only people with enough length width-wise. We bought a brown jersey fabric. Not the most fashionable of options, but my mom wanted something with a little give in case I made a mistake. Once all of that happened, my mother gave me the low-down on all of the sewing machine's functions. Then we got to work! Now, my experience was a bit of a roller coaster. Since I had a new machine, the settings were a bit funky to both me and my mom. Good thing we had a lot of practice fabric, otherwise that t-shirt would have come out funny looking. The one thing I learned through this is jersey fabric is a turd to work with. It wrinkles when you don't want it to, it stretches while your sewing, and it puckers and creates holes. It's horrible. I'm probably going to work with cotton from now on. But I did finish up the shirt. It looks a bit like a nightshirt, but it is at least wearable. So take a look at the finished result, and let me know what you think. Also, comment with your sewing experiences and what you've learned through them. Don't forget to follow my blog on Google+ and my twitter @KK_Donna_Blog. I'll see you next post!

Fabric 2


Pattern on Fabric

Fabric Cut

Fabric Cut

Collar and Sleeves

My Sewing Machine

First Stitch

Don't Forget to Pin the Fabric!

Base Stitch

Funky Base Stitch

Finished Result!

Sleeve Hem

Sleeve Hem 2

Slightly Funky Collar

Bottom Hem

Bottom Hem 2

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