Shadowhunters TV: Alec and Luke Have Arrived!

Hello, everyone! I'm back and I'm here to report that Matthew Daddario and Isaiah Mustafa are our new Alec Lightwood and Luke Garroway! The news was announced via twitter last Friday.  It was a little surprising for me. There was a build up for Clary's announcement. The suspense lasted for several days, but for this announcement, I graduated, took a nap, woke up, and found out that we had two new actors for the television show. Now, let's take a look at our new cast members and see if they fit in their new roles.

Let's take a look at Matthew Daddario.  Well, we have another handsome gentleman to join the cast. Since we have our Isabelle we can put them up against each other and see if we can accept them as siblings. To be honest, I can go for it. So he looks the part, but does he have the acting chops. After a quick look up on IMDb, I can honestly say that I haven't seen any on his work. So I looked him up on YouTube, and the first thing that pops up is his scene in Delivery Man. It shows him going about his day, hitting on/dating three different guys, and he looks confident and flirty. It's not really Alec's style, but it shows his experience. I would love to see how he reacts with Jace and Magnus, but I'm hopeful.

Up next is Isaiah Mustafa. At first, he look vaguely familiar, and I couldn't place him. Then someone on Twitter said that he was the guy from the Old Spice commercials. This tells us two things. One: he's handsome and fit. Two: he probably smells nice. Just kidding! It proves he's got some comedic timing. I would love for some of that to play into Luke's snarky character. I checked out his IMDb page, and while I haven't seen any of the movies he's been in. I have heard of some of the stuff he's in. His resume gives me hope, but It doesn't say much about the dramatic side. I guess we'll see!

Again, two strong and unexpected castings for the TV show. The execs really know how to keep the hype up. Between the castings and the constant stream of pictures from set, it feels like we're in the loop. I can't help but wonder who else will be in the pilot episode. 

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