Shadowhunters Turning to the Dark Side: We've Got Our Magnus and Valentine! ....Holy Fudge! Mama Fray too?

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to report that we now have our Magus Bane and Valentine Morgenstern! The new actors on the Shadowhunters show are Harry Shum, Jr. and Alan Van Sprang!

Wow... Just as I'm writing this, Jocelyn Fray has also been cast! Maxim Roy is our Mama Fray! So I guess I'll be talking about the three new actors in this post. So let's get to it!

I have to start with Harry Shum, Jr. because he is the one I'm most familiar with. I know him mainly from Glee, which I was a big fan of. I enjoyed his character on that show, and he had some sick moves. But, I also know him from some short videos on the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel. He's funny, and I think his resume show off his acting chops. I also got a good look at some of the new fan-made edits of Harry as Magnus, and I have to say that I can't wait to see him actually play the character.

Next up is Alan Van Sprang. To be honest, I've never heard of this guy, but with a quick look up of IMDb, I see he has been in a few things I recognize. One show that everyone has been commenting on is Reign. Everyone seems to love him in Reign, and it's a pretty popular show. He's a bit scary, and a bit of a badass in that show. So, I'm going to be expecting great things for Shadowhunters.

Lastly we have Maxim Roy as Jocelyn Fray. This is another actress that I'm not very familiar with. Which means, I went straight to IMDb. However, I didn't see many things that I had seen or heard about. But she does seem well versed with action scenes, which may not mean a lot for the first part of the series. However, I'm hoping for some really cool flashback scenes, and she'll have more to do later on. Maxim was also nominated for two awards, which isn't too shabby. You know, coming from someone who hasn't had any. Plus, I saw some of her pictures with Katherine McNamara, and I can totally buy a mother/daughter relationship.

So that's it for this casting news. Comment down below on what you think Shadowhunters TV will do next. More casting news? Behind the scenes photos? Heaven forbid they show us some of the sets. Subscribe to the blog by adding your email address to the Subscribe Box down below or off to the right. Add me to your circles by clicking the Google+ Button off to the right. Follow me on twitter @KK_Donna_Blog for up to date information about the blog and ridiculousness about my life. Follow the tumblr dedicated to the blog, which you can find at this link. Read on, lovelies! I'll see y'all next post!

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