These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner

Hello, everyone! I'm back and I'm here to review These Broken Stars by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner. This is the book of the month of February for Booksplosion. It tells the story of the daughter of the richest man in the universe and a young major with a few battles under his belt. Both have been stranded after their spaceship crashed on a deserted planet with only them as survivors. But enough about that, let's get onto the review.

Now, let's talk about our two main characters: Lilac and Tarver. Lilac is a daddy's girl, and being the daddy's girl of a space mogul, she has certain expectations. She's a high-class gal who doesn't associate with commoners... or men... or anyone really. She leads an isolated life and holds a terrible secret. She's terrified of making connections, and for good reason. However, her character development while on the plane tickled me. I was delighted to see her transformation, but I can't say anymore without revealing the plot. But let's take a look at Tarver, shall we?

Tarver sounds like a thirty five year old man. He's not, but he definitely sounds like it. He's a major in the army by the age of eighteen, and he's seen some things out there on the battlefield. But lately, he's being doing some press for his good deeds while out in the colonies, and he despises it, until he spots Ms. Lilac. I'm really impressed with his deep emotional side. He loves deeply, and he writes poetry. He's really a complex individual when I think about it.

I also want to speak on "the whispers," and I'll do my best not to spoil it. They are eerily cool. They play such a vital role while being behind the scenes, yet give our characters some room to make some important decisions. Also, if they do not show up in the next book, I'm going to throw the biggest of fits. You can count on that.

I will say that at the beginning of the story, there were many characters I didn't feel the need to connect with. I'd read the summary for the book (like you do), and I knew that Lilac and Tarver were going to be the only people for most of the story. So, I didn't feel the need to pay much attention to anyone else.

One thing many people many people may not care for in this book is the constant switch of P.O.V. a la Allegiant by Veronica Roth. This doesn't bother me, but I know that some people find it disconcerting. There's only two P.O.V.'s in this story, which makes it okay in my book. Also, I think that each P.O.V. brings something different to the story, which justifies it in this case.

This book is a good mix of Doctor Who meets the Titanic (which did happen on an episode of Doctor Who) meets Cast Away. About half way through the book I had decided to give this book three and a half lilacs, but when the ending had me tearing up, I added an extra half lilac. Altogether, I'm giving this book four lilacs out of five.

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