Insurgent: Movie Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm back and I'm here to review the Insurgent movie! I've had a few days to digest everything, and I think that I have gotten everything in the right perspective. I'll be talking about some of the promos, the movie, and how the movie compared to the book. I will admit that I had some expectations for the movie, but I was (sort of) surprised. But enough about that, let's get onto the review!

My overall experience was a positive one, which I found a bit surprising. I hadn't really said anything about the trailers for this movie, but I guess that I'll go on record saying that I hated most of the previews for the movie. For the most part, what was shown was the green screen BS that didn't reveal much about the plot. It looked so fake and ridiculous, and it seemed to be featured in every promotion for the movie, whether it was a poster, commercial, or trailer. It was the shatter effect that really did me in. And, of course, it was in the movie, but thank God it was only there for a few minutes. I still cringed a bit, but only for about twenty minutes.

There were a lot of effects that I didn't really believe. I think that if you're going to do green screen effects, then do them well, but if you can do practical effects, do practical effects. One such case was the the cable effect that puts Tris in the simulation. (I'm considering this not a spoiler because it was in a few of the trailers) When the cables come down from the ceiling, it just looks so fake. They could have easily have someone attach cables to her, and that could have made it more dramatic if they picked the person that I'm thinking of. Just things like that start to pick at me.

Another small thing is Tris's wig. This goes back to the Twilight days where everyone was checking wigs, and everyone would judge who'd have the best one. The moment I saw Tris's, I cringed. That moment happened to be while I was watching one of the trailers, which may be another reason for me not to like the trailer. Fortunately, the wig was only featured for five minutes. I just felt the need to be nit picky.

Without the shatter effects, I felt pretty good about the simulations. They evoked feeling, and I felt myself tearing up despite the horrible effect. Part of me feels like that was partially due to the acting skills of Shailene Woodley. The way she react to simulations was really good, especially since a lot of it was green screen. It's got to be hard to act to something that's not really there.

I also felt pretty good about "the box change" that everyone (including myself) was freaking out about when the trailer first aired. It made sense in the whole scheme of things. It kept things moving forward, and it gave everyone a good reason to be doing something.

One thing I did have a problem with was the ending. Of course, I'm going to try and not spoil anything for anyone. But I will say that it didn't end the way that I expected it to. Not even so much that if it did or didn't go along with the book, but it seemed to me that things were wrapped up pretty nicely. No one, expect maybe Tris, seemed overly concerned with the new developments. I'm hoping that will be addressed in the last movie.

Another thing I hope they address is some of the characters that were introduced in this film. If you're like me, you've been watching every update for the movie, and it was kind of a big deal when Johanna and Uriah were cast. We were really excited, but they only appeared a few minutes each. There wasn't a lot there for character development. I'm hoping they'll have more of a chance in the next movie, but for this one, I felt a little let down.

Another weird aspect about casting was Tobias's mom, Evelyn. My friend went with me to see the movie, who also read the book, and when she saw Evelyn for the first time she turned to me and asked if she was twelve. While that's really nice for the actress, it made her seem like Four's sister instead of mother.

However, the rest of the cast did a really good job. Peter was his snarky backstabbing self. He was also really funny, which was nice because this movie is much grittier than the first one. That's another thing I appreciated. Caleb was pretty good, but I felt like he didn't have a lot of agency in this movie. I guess will see more of him next time.

Four is still hot. I'm sure his acting was pretty good, but that's not important. Just kidding! Theo James did very well in this movie. He didn't get a lot of really emotional scenes, but he'll get more of a chance of that in the next film - unless they decide to split the books.

All together Insurgent made me feel a myriad of emotions, some good and some not so good. After taking everything in, I'm giving this movie three truth serums instead of five.

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