Shadowhunters: A New Television Series? Thanks, ABC Family! Maybe...

Hello, everyone! I'm back and I'm here to report some exciting news. As we've been told since The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones failed at the box office, the Shadowhunter world is coming to life via a television series. However, new information has come out saying that ABC Family is taking up the project and production begins in May.

Now, I have to say that I'm pretty excited by this news. Sure, ABC Family has been known to produce some television shows that may or may not feature some bad acting or situations that are so ridiculous that none of it is actually relatable. But, they have been pretty successful with their book-to-television series Pretty Little Liars. What makes me pretty excited is the amount of effort that goes into the series. I'm hoping they'll put the same production values in Shadowhunters, and if they do, I'm thinking I'll be pretty happy. Also, I've seen it mentioned that they'll be steering away from a teenager audience and more towards adults in their 20s, which is great for me.

Another piece of news I would like to mention isn't really news but more of a rumor. It's already been confirmed that the cast for the City of Bones movie will not be reprising their roles for the television show. That doesn't really surprise me. But there have been some whispers of Molly Quinn being "in talks" for the role of Clary Fray. Some people aren't too happy with this, but I really like the idea. I've really enjoyed the work that she has done, and I think that if she's given the role, she can do a lot of things with it. She's also a really big nerd, and that may have endeared her to me a bit.

There hasn't been much news as to the other cast members, but if production begins soon, I'm sure we'll be getting some more news pretty soon.

Let's be honest, I can't wait for this television series to be out. I think that the movie had some good elements to it, but with the amount of intricate details that the books have, I think that the TV show will have a better shot of being what the Shadowhunter fandom wants. But, we won't know for sure until it comes out. Let the waiting begin!

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