Fifty Shades Freed by E. L. James: Book Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to review Fifty Shades Freed by E. L. James. It's the third book of the Fifty Shades Trilogy, and it continues Anastasia and Christian's relationship as well as deals with the threats being made to the couple. But enough about that, let's get onto the review!

The good news is that this book has kept up with the pacing from the second book. The bad news is that it brings up problems, doesn't really address those problems, and then it miraculously fixes them by the end of the book. Nothing is ever really addressed until someone's life is at stake and then suddenly problems don't really mean much. While that may be true for a little while, it should really just be a salve to the problem, not a solution. I was just a little frustrated over these plot points.

Another thing that I have a problem with is the use of unnecessary flashbacks. We get them right in the beginning of the book, and the only reasons they are really used is to introduced the "obey" part of their marriage vows and the prenuptial agreement. One: we know that Ana would never agree to completely obey Christian. Second, the only people this prenup affects is Christian's dad and Ana. We never actually see the two interact except beginning and the end. So, really what's the point?

There are still a lot of cool, interesting things happening in this novel. We all go back into the Red Room of Pain where we see Ana and Christian further test the bonds of their relationship. Things become a little intense, and I won't be giving away any spoilers. But there's a scene that pushes the boundaries, and it made me feel the tension in their relationship. And to be honest, it definitely freaked me out. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Good books make us feel things.

Speaking of which, like the last book I found myself rereading some of my favorite parts. It's funny how the saddest parts of some books happen to be our favorites. This book had it's tragic moments, and you can feel every pain Ana feels. I thought those parts were really great. Even up to the final climax, I found each moment compelling, if not a bit frustrating. There's always a trope of miscommunication, and Ana and Christian are notorious for it. As frustrating as that is, it makes for a good story. That's still true for this story.

While the ending is a little cliche, I still found this story a pretty good read. The second one is still my favorite, and for that, I'm going to give this book three and a half blackberry cell phones out of five.

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