Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters: Movie Review! (Spoiler Free)

Hello, everyone! I'm back with my long awaited movie review of Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters! Now, there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this movie and the producers and the distributors and whether or not we will be getting a sequel. As always, I hope for a sequel because then you have a chance to improve the franchise (and make more money but what do I know). But enough about that! Let's get onto the review!

Now, in case you've never read the book this movie is based on, I will provide a short summary for you. This movie tells the story of two girls. One is a Moroi, a vampire who is considered good and can wield magic. The other is a Dhampir, a half vampire half human hybrid that is stronger and faster than Moroi and lives to protect the Moroi. The Moroi is Lissa who is a princess, can do strange magic, and has a enemy. Rose is the Dhampir who is determined to protect her best friend Lissa with her life. The movie tells the tale of them coming back to school and dealing with the the normal experiences of high school and the not so normal enemies trying to kill them.

I have to say that I did enjoy this movie; however, it did have some downfalls. First off, let me talk about what I love about the movie. They did an excellent job with the main cast. They are beautiful, talented, and fit their characters perfectly. I love Zoey Deutch who plays Rose. She did an excellent job with the character and looked fantastic while doing so. I also loved her interaction with Danila Kozlovsky who plays Dimitri. They have great chemistry and I loved all of their scenes together.

Speaking of Danila, I loved him in this movie! Everything about him said "Dimitri." The way he moved, the way he spoke, all of it really showed off Dimitri's character. I will also say he is nice to look at, like a lot. I know a lot of people thought that he looked a bit older than Rose, but that's kind of the point. That aspect didn't bother me. If anything it helped the whole forbidden romance he has going on with Rose.

I also enjoyed Lucy Fry who plays Lissa and Dominic Sherwood who plays Christian. They were so cute together, and I love their interactions. I have to say as a whole the protagonists did such a good job. My favorite character may have to be Sarah Hyland playing Natalie. She was everything I hoped for and more. She has some of the best lines, and she was so awkward. Everything she did fit the character well.

I loved how they did their best to stay as close to the book while giving the movie a thematic flare. They did a good job of interpreting the school and daylight equals nighttime thing. I liked their uniforms and the tattoos. They did a pretty good job of bringing specific elements from the story to the screen.

Now it's time to be a little critical. The movie felt more like a collection of moments rather than one continuous movie. Also, the movie was incredibly rushed. That probably has something to do with the setting up the scenes and editing. For example, there's one scene where Rose is breaking into someone's office. She asks for help and someone agrees to help her, but they just show Rose walking into the office, grabbing something, and walking out. In this case, the setup was there but the execution didn't follow through.

Now there has been some discussion about how the Weinstein Company may have sabotaged their own movie; however, I'm not here to play the blame game. I'm not here to say who was at fault for what went wrong with this movie. I'm just here to say whether I enjoyed this movie or not. Verdict: I did. I enjoyed this movie for what is was, faults and all. Was it perfect? Not even close. I think part of me liked it because I liked the book so much. I think that there are parts of of this movie that could be loved by people who didn't read the book, and I hope that these people take a chance when the DVD comes out.

So these are my final thoughts: I like this movie. Sure, there are some hiccups, but I don't think they ruin the movie. If you still have some concerns, rent the movie when it comes out before buying. But I think if you like the books as much as I did, you will like this movie.

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