Beyond the Shadowhunters - What We Know Now: Trailer Reaction?

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to analyze Beyond the Shadows - The Making of Shadowhunters, which originally premiered on ABC Family December 6. However, if you are like me and missed it on television, you can still catch up and analyse it for yourself on platforms like Hulu and Youtube. It's available on Hulu without a subscription, and you can "buy" it on YouTube. I use the quotation marks because it costs $0.00, which is literally nothing. Anyway, I'm going to be analyzing the show, and I will try to figure out what we can expect come January. Just so you know, these may be considered spoilers for the show. If you're not into that, then don't read! Also, you can click on each picture to get a bigger version of it.  Now, on to the analyzing!

The first little snippet I caught was the bus featuring "Demonic Murders," which I'm guessing is a case that Luke (who is now a police officer) is working on and the event that brings all of our characters together.

The next screenshot features Jace and Clary on a motorcycle. Perhaps the demonic motorcycle from the first book?

Here's a shot with Clary's necklace (that she's usually seen with, at least in all of the promo pictures), and it's glowing. I'm thinking it has some type of power like Isabelle's necklace.

This is a shot from the Institute. It looks way more high-tech than what most of us may have envisioned, but I find that pretty interesting. There are also more shadowhunters than what was featured in the books.

Here's another picture featuring some of the technology that this adaption of the series is using. I also like it because Isabelle is the one working the machinery. In the books, they seem to be a little technology-illiterate, but I think that this change could lead to more similarities between Isabelle and Simon.

This screen capture features Luke working on one of the "Demonic Murders," which also seems to be a little showy for downworlders trying to keep a low profile.

As we can see from this shot, Clary's mother will be taking a trip to coma-ville, and Luke has found here.

Here's Luke doing something sketchy. Hmmm....

Here's Valentine doing some even more sketchy activity. I'm excited to see some of the stuff we didn't necessarily see in the book, and this just looks super creepy.

So I found this screenshot interesting for two reason, which is circled. The red circle is a poster from the City of Bones movie, and the yellow circle is a shirt with a logo for the first movie. On top of that is five of the six books, which makes me happy. "Why?" you may ask. Because it means that they did a great deal of research, even looking at the movies, for the television series.

Here's another snapshot, and at first I thought it Valentine. But after I checked, I figured out it was Robert, Isabelle's dad, which in itself is interesting considering the relationship in the book.

From this screen capture, you can see that the steeles look the same as the first movie. At the very least, one of them looks like Jace's from the movie adaptation.

The next two shots made me so happy when I realized what was happening. There's going to be an Alice in Wonderland party in the show, and Isabelle and Simon are going. It also looks like Simon is meeting Isabelle's dad, and I'm dying to find out what happens!

Well, that's all I caught from the documentary, but comment down below with some of the things that you picked up that can shed some insight to the show. I have to say that I'm even more excited for this show! Subscribe to the blog by adding your email address to the Subscribe Box down below or off to the right. Add me to your circles by clicking the Google+ Button on you right. Follow me on twitter @KK_Donna_Blog for up to date information on the blog and ridiculousness about my life. Follow the tumblr dedicated to the blog which you can find at this link. Read on, lovelies! I'll see y'all next post!

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