Paper Towns by John Green: Book Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to review Paper Towns by John Green. Paper Towns tells the story of Q who goes on a wild ride with long time crush Margo on night, and Margo ends up disappearing the next day. Q tries to figure out what happened to Margo, while learning a few things about himself. You also may recognize the title from the feature film that will be released in theaters later this week. You know, I will be watching and reviewing the movie as well. But enough about that. Let's get onto the review!

Once I began reading Paper Towns, I immediately recognized John Green's writing style. There is a elegant yet sarcastic tone that he brings to each of his books. There are elaborate yet hilarious metaphors used to describe each character, and each character is set apart from other characters. You get a definite feel of each character immediately after meeting them, and that's all due to John Green's way of writing. Plus, it's just real entertaining, and as I've said before, he knows how to make a great quote.

With that said, I can't stand Margo. I thought she was cute and fun for the first part of the book, but for me, she grew old quickly. She became more of a goal than an actual person. Plus, after a while, I wanted the story to move forward, but she was the key figure of keeping the plot moving. She just drove me crazy after a while. That's just me being honest.

There were a few highlights to the story. Like I said, I really enjoyed the beginning of the novel. In fact, I kind of wish that those types of actions were prevalent throughout the entire book. Having the protagonist get out of his box and doing some crazy stuff was fun to read, and I wished that I got to see more of that.

I also enjoyed how Q's relationships evolved, and not just with Margo. He has two best friends, both of which are hilarious, and they have their ups and downs like any normal friendships. I think that it's nice when your best friends isn't always your best friend. You know what I mean? They fight, but they still come through for each other, which makes those moments so much more important.

Overall, I feel like the novel got a bit bog down in the middle. While it did pick up closer to the end, I wouldn't say that I was satisfied with the ending. To me, the ending felt too metaphorical for my tastes. I will still say that it was expertly done. It just wasn't in my wheelhouse. I think that people who are able to find a deeper meaning in everything would really appreciate what this novel has to offer. This book is definitely a five out of five for some readers, but for me I have to give this book three and a half big Daddy containers of Vaseline out of five.

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