The Maze Runner: Movie Review (Holy Crap We're Getting Another One!)

Hello, everyone! I'm back with another movie review, and this one is actually on time! Today's review is going to be on The Maze Runner based on the book with the same title by James Dashner. This movie has had a lot of immediate success, but let's see if it's worth the hype. Let's get onto the review!

In case you've never read The Maze Runner and don't know what's going on with this movie, let me give you a little break down. Our hero Thomas wakes up in the middle of a gigantic maze knowing nothing of his previous life. Other kids have been trapped in the maze for up to three years without any success of escaping it. When a girl enters the maze, everything changes. They have to fight for their lives and hope the there is life outside the maze.

First impressions of the movie is that I enjoyed it. It stayed true to the book, which I was definitely concerned with. It was also visually pleasing and had a decent cast. With that said, there were some things I thought could improve the movie, but let's get into some specific things that I thought were fabulous.

One thing that I love about the movie was that there were different dynamic themes going on in the movie. What I mean by that is that while it is very much a suspenseful movie, it was also emotional, comical and mysterious. Some of that material comes from the books, yes, but at the end of the day, it has to be executed by the actors. I thought that they were able to pull it off very well.

That brings me to my next point. There were several characters that stole the show for me. The major one was Frypan played by Dexter Darden. To be honest, I don't think he was ever named in the movie, but he had the best lines and perfect comedic timing. In some cases, he said what the audience was thinking, and I really think it was clever. I would love to tell y'all about one of his final comments of the movie, but this is a spoiler-free zone. Let me just say pay special attention to the end of the movie when they come to a door. It's great.

That isn't to say that I didn't enjoy the rest of the cast. I thought Dylan O'Brien was a good Thomas and Kaya Scodelario was a very good Teresa. Their interactions with each other were a little sparse, but I think they developed the trust needed to move forward. Still, it makes me a little worried about the next movie, which I hear is going to come to theaters some time next year.

Another aspect of the movie that I really enjoyed was the ending. Again, this is a spoiler-free zone, so I won't give away what happens, but I think that it may be better than the book ending. It gave a little more clarity to the audience about what was happening. It still had the same punch of emotion that it did in the book, but it make more sense as a whole.

Let's talk about what I thought they could do better. There were some parts of the movie, and it may just be me being blind in a theater, but I couldn't see what was happening in the movie. It would get so dark on some parts that I was squinting in the theater. Again, that may just be a “me” thing.

I also had a problem with the pacing of the movie. There were times were I was waiting for something to happen, and I was waiting too long for it to happen. This movie is being marketed as fast-paced movie, and it just doesn't hit the nail on the head in that aspect.

Still, with all its faults, the movie has made $32 million in the states and $37 in foreign markets, the movie is definitely considered a success. They are also moving forward with the second movie, The Scorch Trials, which will be out in September of next year.

But what do I think about this movie? Well, I thought that it was a good solid movie. I think that you have to be into more of the apocalyptic/dystopian side of movies in order to get the full effect, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to check this movie out if you're at the movies this weekend. Though, chances are, you're probably going to see the Boxtrolls with all the hype its getting. But you need to try out The Maze Runner too!

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