Narration: How I'm (Sort of) Becoming a Writer #3

Hello, everyone! I'm back and I'm ready to tell you have I'm sort of becoming a writer. Today I'm going to focus on some of the things I've learned about narrative and how some recent peer review went. But enough about that. Let's get to the good stuff!

Narration is pretty much how you tell your story. There are many different ways to get your point across. You can have many different points of view. Depending on what you decide on can change how readers view the story.

We did an interesting exercise in class. We got to envision a particular scene in a story we wanted to tell that at least had three different characters. Each character had the chance to be the focal point when we tested each point of view. We started with first person, then third person, second person, and ended with one of the characters explaining the scene to someone who wasn't there.

I was quite surprised with my findings. I tend to write my stories in first person because I find it to be the most connecting with the reader. However, I found that for this particular story, it was better written from the third person point of view. I also found that writing in second person was interesting. I had never really done it before, and while it was difficult to get the wording just right, it made for a fascinating way to convey a story.

Up next we focused on our short shorts that we had written for the workshop. For me, I wasn't entirely happy with the work that I produced. I didn't get to say everything that I wanted to, and I felt that I was a little rushed, whether it be from the page length or coming up with an idea on short notice. Still, I manage to get sort of what I wanted down.

I decided to write a story about a man who doesn't have relationships. He has obsessions. I had him break into someone's house and takes some things and gets caught. He's very suave, but crazy at the same time. I wanted to get him to do some really creepy things, but I ran out of pages. Perhaps this wasn't the best idea for the short short category.

It seemed to go over well with the two classmates was in my particular workshop. I think that they really got what I was trying to go for as well as having some really good comments. It's nice to get a small pat on the back when you're not entirely sure about something.

Another good thing was that they also had some good criticism. I am horrible about reading comments on my papers. I hyperventilate, freak out, and feel judged, but I'm starting to see the light (a little bit). The comments can only make me better. They bring up some things that I didn't even think of, and I can incorporate some of those things back into my work.

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