The Fault in Our Stars by John Green: Book Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm back with another book review. This time I'm reviewing The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I'm a little bit late to the game as it seems to me that everyone who is into books have reviewed this book. However, I tend to read books that have more fantastic elements, which means that I have shied away from this book. But I'm glad I've finally given this book a chance. But enough about that, let's get on to the review!

The Fault in Our Stars is about a girl named Hazel. She has thyroid cancer that has spread to lungs which makes it difficult for her to breathe. Her mother, concerned that Hazel isn't living life to the fullest, makes her daughter go to a cancer support group where she meets Augustus. From there, Hazel starts on a journey of love, loss, happiness, and disappointment. This book will make you feel all of these things and more.

First off, let me just say that yes, despite the fact that this is a story about a girl with cancer, there are some happy moments, and really this isn't a "traditional cancer story." This isn't about a girl trying to overcome her cancer or find a cure or anything of that nature. This is about a girl dealing with death and life. Despite being about do die, she manages to live a full life. She's probably led a fuller life than I have.

One thing I really love about this novel is John Green's writing style. It's very different from what I'm used to, but it refreshing rather than jarring. He uses pictures and interesting dialogue techniques that make it different and shape his style. For example, he'll play out a scene between Hazel and her parent and right all of the dialogue as a scene from a play. It makes it seem more like diary entrees and that Hazel is actually writing the story.

I love the entire tone of the novel. It may be because I'm a young adult, and John Greene really delves into the young adult psyche when he writes. Hazel is sarcastic and tells it how it is. Her voice is very strong throughout the entire novel.  It makes story feel realistic and individualistic.

This book is also very quotable. It's like "Kids Say the Darnedest Things" but in book form with teenagers with cancer. Half the time I was wondering what in the world Gus or Hazel would say next. They just made me smile, which brings me to another point. Hazel and Gus have such a real relationship. They have their beautiful happy moments, and they also have their heartbreaking tragic moments. Their relationship was just really wonderful to read.

Now, I don't know if I consider it a bad thing or a good thing, but I managed to read the entire book in one sitting. For me, it was a quick and easy read that also managed to cause emotional trauma. I really wanted it to be a bit longer and have a few more things detailed. With all of that in mind, I have to give this novel four and a half oxygen tanks out of five.

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