How to Be a Heroine - A New Series!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and today I have decided that I was going to start a new series on this blog called "How to Be a Heroine." It seems that lately there has been a rise of young adult literary heroines that have inspired our everyday lives. There are certain attributes that we can take from characters and apply them in everyday lives. I look to Katniss from The Hunger Games as an inspiration to take care and fight for my loved ones. I look to Tris from Divergent as inspiration to stand up for people who can't stand up for themselves. These are just a few examples as to how literary heroines inspire me.

However, this series isn't about my everyday life. I want to learn some of the skills that literary heroines have that I may not use in my day to day but will encourage me in bettering my health in a fun and interesting way. This can be any type of skill. It could be anything from archery from The Hunger Games to Bella's amazing cooking from Twilight.  Granted, cooking does not seem so extreme to every other person in the world, it is to a girl who used to set things on fire in the kitchen with every use.

I'm hoping to cover a lot of different books and a lot of different aspects of the heroines that we've come to love. Some will be more active like Katniss and Tris, and others will be a bit calmer like Bella or Clary from The Mortal Instruments. I've already started to get the equipment to do some of these things, and I hope that everything works out so that I can share it with everyone who happens to come across the blog.

I'm probably going to start with Katniss. I have the things that I need to start my archery training, but I should probably preface my experience with that, I'm pretty much not an expert about any of the things that I will do for this series. So if your looking for a "How to" guide for any of these experiences, you are probably not going to find it here. Take everything with a grain of salt. I'm sure I'll get somethings wrong, but that's how I'll grow. You can also comment about how I'm doing it wrong or how I could do something better. It will be a learning process for everyone!

That's it for now! Comment down below on some skills you think I should try my hand at. You can subscribe to the blog by adding your email address to the Subscribe Box down below. You can add me to your circles my clicking the Google+ button off to the right. You can get up to date information about the blog or ridiculousness about my life by following me on twitter @KK_Donna _Blog. Lastly, you can follow the tumblr dedicated to this blog, and you can find it at this link. Read on, lovelies! I'll see y'all next post!

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