Paper Towns - Movie Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to review Paper Towns the movie! As you may know, the movie is based on the book with the same title by the ever-so-wonderful John Green. I did a review on the book, which you can find here. However, my quick review is this: it wasn't my favorite. There were characters I didn't like, and overall I thought that it didn't flow the way I wanted it to. But does the movie have the same flaws? Will I ever like Margo? More importantly, did my mother like it? Well, let's get onto the review and find out!

First of all, I will say that I was surprised by the movie. Considering I didn't find the book all that and a bag of chips, I found myself really enjoying the movie. There were parts that had me chuckling to the point were my ribs started to hurt. Even after reading the book and knowing what was going to happen, it still felt like a surprise, and the funny parts were still funny. Then of course, there is mother who hadn't read the book, and she found it quite funny. I remember at one point she was laughing so hard that she had a coughing fit. That's when you know you're hilarious.

Let's talk about the cast. Can I say how refreshing it is when you're high school cast looks like they may actually be in high school and not like they're in their early 30s, married, and have at least two kids? I can't? Well, too late. I just did. Also, let me just say that they did a fantastic job. Nat Wolff was an amazing Quentin and Cara Delevingne did a pretty good job playing Margo. The supporting casting also did an amazing job, but I really wanted to see more of Jaz Sinclair who played Angela. Angela happened to be one of my favorite characters from the book, so it may be a little bit of biased of me to say that. 

Now, since we're talking about characters, I think I need to answer an important question: Did I enjoy Margo as a character? The simple answer is "no." As much as I enjoyed her shenanigans in the first part of the movie, and trust me I did, by the end of the movie I was just fed up with her. I was tired of hearing about her, and Quentin's obsession with her made me dislike him a little bit. I just found her a little tiresome, but after reading the book, I was expecting that. 

One thing I have to mention is the awesome cameo that happened later on in the movie. You can't miss it, so I won't spoil it for you. I will say that it had me grinning, clutching to my mother's arm, and general nerd spazzing. To me, it was so unexpected but well appreciated. 

There were few moments that I really enjoyed that I could see myself watching over and over again. Some were funny. Some were heart-warming. But what they all had in common was that each scene was centered on friendship, which is a main point of the movie. So, if you enjoy a movie about friends that has a lot of humor and a bit of mystery, I would say that you would enjoy this movie. 

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