Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander (aka J. K. Rowling): Book Review!

Hello, everyone! I'm back, and I'm here to review Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander (but really J. K. Rowling).It is (supposedly) a textbook used in Hogwarts as one of their standard texts for teaching Care of Magical Creatures. This book is a copy of Harry Potter's own copy, and it is complete with written notes made by Harry, Ron, and Hermione. It includes a preface by Albus Dumbledore, an introduction into Magizoology, and an A - Z list of magical beasts including detailed description. But enough about that, let's get onto the review! 

I found this book surprisingly entertaining. It's supposed to be a textbook, and so I was expecting it to be a little stale, if I'm being honest. But it wasn't. It was clever and funny, and I thought it was a really fun read. It's a small book, so this review is going to be a little small, but I will get down to the gist of it. If you're a fan of of The Harry Potter Series and you enjoy short reads, you'll love this book.

Another reason that I choose this book is because of the movie coming out in 2016 according to IMDB, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  The movie is going follow the "author" of Fantastic Beasts, Newt Scamander, who is researching his books in hidden wizarding community in New York seventy years before Harry ever comes to Hogwarts. With director David Yates and writer J. K. Rowling,  I'm expecting incredible things, and I'm so excited for the movie to come out. Now that I know some of the creates that may be featured, I can't wait to see how they are able to bring these things to life.

So if you're into fantasy lore, love Harry Potter, and enjoy snide comments made by children, you will enjoy this book. All together, I think that I'll give this short story/textbook four out of five kneazles.

That's it for this review! I'll be posting more now that finals have come to a close. We are going to be doing some serious reading before school starts back up again.  Comment down below with some book recommendations. Subscribe to the blog by adding your email to the Subscribe box down below or off to the right. Add me to your circles by clicking the Google+ button off to the right. Follow me on twitter for up to date information about the blog and ridiculousness about my life @KK_Donna_Blog. Follow the tumblr dedicated to the blog, which you can find at this link. Read on, lovelies! I'll see y'all next post! 

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