Stories I Ate This Month: December 2017

Hello, everyone! Today is the last day of the year, and I find myself looking back and asking myself, "Did I accomplish everything I set out to do?" Eh, if I'm honest with myself, not really. I haven't read as much as I would like, and I certainly haven't written as much as I would like. It's either been about work or school or a weird mixture of the two, which left my goals by the wayside. It sucks, to put it plainly. On the other hand, I'm proud of what I have accomplished this year. I've been promoted, maintained my GPA, and had a pretty fantastic time over the year-with a little help from my friends. I'm grateful and blessed, and I hope to multiply my blessings in the new year. There are going to be many new chapters in my life, including my internship, which makes me excited and nervous. But I aspire to hit these chapters head on with a new zeal. So, I'm back. I want to read and write more, and I forgot how much this blog allowed me to express my ideas on material that I enjoyed or found interesting. With that in mind, I'm going to push myself to read more, write more, and experience more. Maybe, in the midst of all that, I'll remember to write about a little of it. But let's get to what you're actually here for. 

In case you haven't heard, "Stories I Ate This Month" actually comes from a popular BookTuber, Christine Riccio, or polandbananasBOOKS. Sidenote: I 100% love Christine. She's honest, full of energy, and a bit wacky. Plus, she is an absolute delight whenever she reviews books, TV shows, and movies. But let's get back to the point. She has a series that she does at the end of the month titled-you guessed it-"Stories I Ate This Month." She goes through the books, movies, and TV shows that she has finished for the month and gives a rating for each one. It looks like a fun time and an interesting way to record the different stories that you experience in the month, and I thought, "Why not?" So here we go starting with the books that I've read this month. 

Image result for the gentleman's guide to vice and virtue

I'm out of school for the semester, so I've been reading solely for my pleasure. To start out the month, I choose a book that I thought would be fun light read: "The Gentlemen's Guide to Vice and Virtue" by Mackenzi Lee. You've got the gentleman who's anything but a gentleman, the best friend/love interest, and a sister who is sick of the status quo. There's also pirates, parties, and romantic pursuits. (Not quite the alliteration I was going for, but give me a break. I'm rusty.) Overall, I give this book a solid B+. Plus I've read that there will be a sequel with a focus on Felicity, which I wouldn't be mad at.

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The second story I ate this month was  "One of Us Is Lying" by Karen M. McManus. It starts out with your four high school archetypes in detention with the most hated guy in school, who ends up dead. From there, they have to figure out who is lying and who is the killer. (Dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuun) I found myself struggling in the beginning after the first few chapters. Sometimes I wanted to take each of the characters and shake them a bit, but once the ball starting rolling, the novel really took off. The novel featured secrets and hints that eventually lead me to the killer, but the novel also kept me guessing, which I appreciated. Overall, I give this story a B-, but I hear that a TV show may be in the works. The story would lend itself perfectly to the format, and I cannot wait to see the results. 

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The last book I read for the month is "The Last of August" by Brittany Cavallaro. This novel is a sequel to "A Study in Charlotte," and it is a mystery that takes in modern day with the descendants of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson. If anyone knows anything about me, they know that I am obsessed with Sherlock Holmes retellings, and honestly, this one does not disappoint. This one of the books that I stayed up all night reading in hopes to find the culprit before our main characters. There was an roller-coaster of emotions, and I'm genuinely upset that the next installment doesn't come out until March. With all that in mind, I'm giving this book an A-.

Before I head to the next category, I have to admit that I haven't finished any TV shows this month. I've started a few, but I'm waiting for new episodes to be released. So, it looks like I will not be reviewing any TV shows this month. But hopefully, some of the series I have started will end in January sometime. Hopefully. We'll see.

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I have watched a good amount of movies this month, at least a decent amount for me. The first movie I watched, funny enough, was Psych: The Movie. I will say if you are a fan of the show, you will love the movie. It had the essence of the show; however, some of the plot points seemed to be a little out of character, at least for me. So, I'm gonna give it a B-. 

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The next movie I saw was Lady Bird, and I cannot rave enough about this movie. It's about a daughter growing up and a mother letting go, and so much more. Once I finished the movie, I immediately called my mother. There wasn't another option. It was beautiful and poignant, and I can honestly watch it again and again. It definitely gets and A+ for me.

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My third movie has divided many fans. You've guessed it. It's Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I understand everyone's criticisms about the movie. From time/continuity issues, useless side-quests, and under-utilized characters, it's mistakes are apparent. However, did each of these problems combined ruin the movie for me? Not at all. I honestly enjoyed myself. I remember coming out of the theater wanting to discuss everything that I loved about the movie-not about what I hated. Not to mention there was one scene that literally took my breath away.  It made me excited to see where the saga will lead. However, with its flaws, I've got to give this one a B+. 

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My last movie of the month is an adaptation of a book that left me feeling everything and nothing (I know, not really descriptive, but again, I'm rusty). That movie is Call Me By Your Name, and I do not have the descriptive power to fully express my feelings about this movie. It is so understated in its execution, but every moment is saturated with emotion, and everything that is left unsaid is so poignant to the point of pain. But it's also incredibly charming and real and in-the-moment. I can't give this movie anything under an A+.

All in all, I've eaten some pretty good stories this month. Nothing landed under a B-, and I feel like it has been a pretty good month to start off this new tradition. Though, I say that and I may not write another blog for months, but I remain hopeful! I'm going to go and spend the last couple of hours of the year with my family and enjoying a really good book. Happy New Years, everyone! I'll see ya next time!

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